The Plague – Post Mortem

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December 17th, 2012 2:33 pm

Seems like it’s common to write a post mortem here! This was my first LudumDare experience, I know nothing about this community, but I really like the spirit here. You go ludumdare community!

I had theoretically 24 hours, practically 12 hours to work on a game. Saturday afternoon I began sketching an idea in the train home, and shortly after arrival I began coding, line after line. Swearing the bugs away, one by one. Cutting the cool ideas away, implementing the more poor ones just to get SOMETHING finished before the deadline struck.

And there it is, The Plague. A game where your objective is to breed an army of minions as big as you can, and flood the entire land with disease (yes, the purple stuff).

What I did well:

  • I really did finish a game within 12 hours!
  • Came quickly and on time with alternative solutions for gameplay when I realised my original idea would take too much time.
  • My pixelart isn’t THAT bad, is it? 😀

  • Animations in pixelart are pretty easy.
  • I ran against the limitations of the middleware I use, but solved the problems with some creative solutions.


What could have been better:

  • My inability to pick proper matching colours without fiddling for hours.
  • Run short on time to implement algorithms to check any sort of winning conditions.
  • Too few sounds, would have liked to add background music too. But I am far from a musician.

What I learned:

  • I learned that sounds can do a LOT to your game.
  • It’s hard to not make a sound become annoying due to repetition.
  • I can trust my creativity when it comes to technical problem solving.

Now on to play some games from fellow developers! 😀

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