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December 17th, 2012 8:28 pm

This has been my 4th Ludum Dare and this time I decided to work with a friend, so we submitted to the jam. Also, the extra time was helpful since we had things to do throughout the weekend. I was the programmer and he was the artist. I used a framework around SFML that I wrote right before the competition.

Overall, I think the game came out pretty good. We did have to let a few features go, but that happens every time. Basically, you are an overpowered villain who attacks hordes of brave marines with your many powers. You can zap people like a Sith, move objects around using telekinesis, and spawn spontaneous explosions!

What went right: The framework. SFML is on par with root beer on my list of cool things. The SFML code was clean and easy to implement into an object oriented framework. The framework I wrote has some cool ground features like physics, lighting, and easy input handling. You can find it on GitHub:

What went wrong: Me and my friend had very different opinions on how the final game should look. Also, towards the end of the competition, I had little motivation to finish after not getting enough sleep. Also, I was stressed because my car wouldn’t start, but it was just a simple electrical issue and it was finished. Yay!

Play the game right here

Screen shots!




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