Post-Mortem Vic

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December 17th, 2012 3:15 am


What went Right?

  • I enjoyed building the game, I did this LD because I wanted to have fun with a small game and I did have a lot of fun dropping cows and watching big waves of zombies run into machine guns.
  • Focused on design, not graphics. Because I did not pay as much attention to the graphics as usual I could spend more time on adding a tutorial and some extra gameplay.
  • I like the design, I think it has familiar elements, but it is different, maybe I can port it to tablet or something.
  • It is a complete game, every feature I planned is in.

What went Wrong?

  • Was busy until 3am, ┬áthat was not how I planned it :).
  • Underestimated how long it would take to build the levels.
  • Need to work on my Sound Fx/Music skills, the game really needed some zombie sounds and fun music.
  • It needed more levels, probably about 10 levels or so. This way I would have been able to have a better difficulty curve. The game has enough content to build 10 levels.

So what I will do different next time? I will start earlier on the levels. So the first day is just implementation of ideas and features and the biggest part of the second day is building levels.

If you want to play my game, here is the link:

Play it !

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  1. “The game has enough content to build 10 levels.”

    A lot of my early LD entries are like that. Particularly my Infiltration entry which had this whole complete puzzle-level system I implemented but then only actually used in one tiny part of the game.

    I’ve learned as time goes on to implement absolutely what content and code is minimal and required to get the project working. It is a bit tedious to someones hack in features, but that’s better than adding tons and then not using most of it!

    I try to have a working and playable game on the first day (including core content such as basic sfx/visuals), and then use the second day mostly for content expansion/level/extra polish.

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