Post Mortem — Awesome Jelly Genocide!

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December 17th, 2012 2:42 pm

So cute!

This was my first entry. I’m 13 years old and I live in Brazil, in october I started learning how to do stuff on Unity 3D.  Well, since I had no cool ideas for games I stopped developing after one or two weeks, but I promised myself I’d participate on the next Ludum Dare.

Well, it was really stressful, but I loved it! It’s really satisfacting to make a game in a compo and playing others. Also, I’m really glad I got 9 comments just today! Anyway, this was a lot harder than I thought. I wanted to add lots and lots of features, like bombs, shops, but I didn’t have time for that.

What went right

Music: it doesn’t fit that well in the game, but I enjoy what I created c:

500 Jellypuffies jumping around innocently: OMG, SO CUTE! Yeah, kill them already

Scary Jellycops: they stare through your soul, you must avoid them at any cost.

What ye think ya doin’ messing up with my bros?

What went wrong:

Simplicity: too simple, I wish I would have had time to add features :(

500 Jellypuffies jumping around innocently: if your computer is slow, the game won’t run well.

These orange guys are stealthy: almost always they are behind you, you can’t watch them kill you.

No goats: Yeeeeaahhh…


Next LD I’ll do much better than this. But if you want to kill cute stuff….



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