Post Mortem

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December 17th, 2012 6:55 am

So my first Ludum Dare is over, I successfully created a game that you can finish, within 48 hours. Initially I was disappointed with my game, its nowhere near as finished as In would like, lots of the features I would have liked to have added were cut due to lack of time, It’s not as polished as it could of been and the collision detection is a little iffy.But it functions as a game, the map is challenging and the 3D works quite well, especially for my first real attempt at using 3D.

However, after the initial disappointment, I realised in reality anyone and everyone who entered a game, myself included had done something amazing, we have all created games in 48 hours. No mean feat.

Where did I go wrong?

First and foremost I spent a huge proportion of my time messing around trying to get a feature to work which was mostly for aesthetic purposes. In hindsight I should of used placeholder graphics and gotten the actual mechanics working before wasting around 5 hours on aesthetics which didn’t even make it in the game because of the time I had spent on them.

Secondly, after about 6ish on the Sunday I began to feel really awful, I hadn’t eaten enough and I hadn’t eaten good stuff. This was a stupid error, but I felt infinitely better after eating.

What went well? I FINISHED!!!! I have an enormous feeling of pride that I could create a working game however simple in 48 hours in fact it showed me how much time 48 hours really is!

The 3D graphics worked as intended and  I added some elements of polish, like the depth fog.

It was a long weekend, but I enjoyed every moment of it and would like to thank everyone involved in making Ludum Dare possible and especially everyone who was on the Irc channel, who were all supportive and .

Anyway I’m off to try and get through the rest of my day at college without falling asleep.

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