P.H.D of Evil – Post Mortem

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December 17th, 2012 8:17 pm



So now that it’s been a full day after the end of ludum and I’ve had time to relax and think about what went right – and respectively what went wrong – here is what I have to say, and what I’ve learned.

What went right:
1) I finished LD for the second time!

2) I created a full on 2d side scrolling tower defense.

3) The game is moddable – you can add you’re own towers and levels with specific settings.


What went wrong:

1) I finished with ~10 minutes to spare.

2) I had to “roll my own tech”

3) Compile times were hideous since I didn’t have .o files to work with – new tools.

4) No music – except for the opening which is a garage band loop.


What I learned:

1) If I want to make another ambitious game like this for LD I need to use a preexisting game engine/library that I or some one else has made.

2) I need tools that allow for compiling only changed code or hot coding.

3) I need to not be traveling in the midst of LD

4) modding saves your ass after the fact, because you can add content.

5) videos are cool – but I already knew that šŸ˜‰


So here is my post mortem video where I show off my game and talk a bit. The audio is a ‘lil – maybe a lot off sync at theĀ beggingĀ but fixes it’s self.


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