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December 17th, 2012 6:00 am

After the pros, I’m discovering the cons of the jam, especially about voting.

I do understand the problem about several people working on the same game and voting one after the other on it, because that’s totally unfair, but why do I have to log on the account used to submit our game, even if it’s not a group account but just my friend’s account, to vote on someone else’s game?  What if my opinion about a game isn’t the same as my friend’s? What if my friend wanted to vote but finds out he can’t because I already voted for him?

Do I really have to create a new account for each team I’m working with? Isn’t that a bit annoying, or not very useful?

Isn’t it possible to just link the accounts of the other people who worked on the game in the entry, and thus forbid them to vote on the game, but allow them to vote on other games?

Because there’s also that big problem about “property”. You’re linked in the description but what if people don’t read it? And what if people just want to check your profile, and you’ve written nothing about the game you’ve been working on? They don’t know you’ve been part of this jam. And thus they don’t know how you work, what you’ve done.  Most of the time people remember games more than people (in fact they remember people when they know their games are really great, and then they follow their entries, their tweets, their profiles). It’s the first thing you check on people’s profile, the games they made, and then you think “So it’s HIM who made THAT game I liked so much”.

So yeah, I’m a bit annoyed about that. And (even though I don’t know how the website is working and maybe it’s really freaking hard) I think it would be easy to just allow people to link the accounts of the people they worked with on the entry, and thus show the game on everybody’s profile, and forbid everybody to vote on this game, but allow them to vote on the other games made by other people.

I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong or there’s something I didn’t understand, but I find it really frustrating.


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