Is it worth work with BGE (Blender Game Engine)?

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December 17th, 2012 11:28 am

Because there are many doubts about BGE, Blender Game Engine, I decided to make a “review” about. Please understand that I just made one game with it, and made it without directly working with python, so it may be a lot better using it.

So, “Is it worth work with BGE?” to answer this question, first we have to understand how programming in Blender works. Blender has a system called Logic Bricks and their functionality is simple.

We have the sensors, that say what will trigger the action. The Controllers that are the condition that will say if the action will happen, and the Actuators that are the action itself. Beginning, middle and end, looks pretty straight forward doesn’t? And well, they are indeed very simple to understand, so I can say that anyone, knowing or not how program, can use Logic Bricks, being maybe, the simpler to “program” 3D engine currently available.

But this simplicity comes with a price. One of the biggest problems with Logic Bricks is that they are too simplistic. Because they are design with the logic “beginning, middle, end”, you can’t continue the logic after the end without make some tricks, making your logic much larger and complex.

Another problem is that you can’t use native variables, like object position, nor manipulate them directly, having to use python or tricks for that, making simple common tasks like make an property equal to another, overly complex.

One good thing that I have to mention is how smooth everything looks. The graphics are nice, the movements are fluid, everything looks and feels good. Because Blender is free, maybe be a cheaper option if you want project shadows in your game. Also, Blender have a truly awesome shader editor, enabling pure artists to make their own shaders.

A big issue when you finished your game is how you going to distribute, because, even with Blender Player, the people who will play your game will still have to have Blender installed. * There are alternatives to this, even making a functional web-player, but they are still being develop.

So, the main question is, it is worth making a game with BGE? And my answer is: it depends. First, I must say that is very simple to represent what you thinking with it, making a great prototype tool, but going beyond and make something that is suppose to work in some way is hard. Therefore, what I recommend is, watch a tutorial, try it out, with some hours you will already get it how to make a game with it, and if you don’t liked it, just wait a little more, there are many developers working and improving it, it will be better someday.


*I have been informed of people who got Blender Games to work even without Blender installed, but also, I have been informed of people that couldn’t play the game until they installed the newest version of Blender. I had searched for an answer but nothing definitive. Maybe it work with just python installed, if I find something more about, I will update this.

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  1. PoV says:

    All I know is I want to know what the next Blender project is.

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