Airship Infiltration: Post-mortem

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December 17th, 2012 2:26 am

Airship Infiltration is a steampunky game where you have to generically break into a base of some sort (in this case, an airship) and wreak havoc.

You can play the game here!


What went right:

  • Engine: Impact JS is a fantastic engine. Really easy to use, powerful and had everything I needed. It’s also really easy to extend if you want to add or change a bit of functionality. The level editor isn’t. perfect but it’s still really useful. So glad I used this instead of Flixel.
  • Gameplay: The gameplay is what I wanted… Nothing more to say. I’m sure there’s more scope for interesting puzzles though, as opposed to just running/hacking/shooting (but it could easily just turn into a Stealth Bastard clone if I’m not careful).
  • Sprites: The sprites look pretty good I think. Admittedly I did have to do some tracing to get the player and guard animations looking nice, but if I didn’t then… Well, they would be terrible 😛
  • Intro/Outro sequences: They’re basic but it’s exactly what I had in my head!

What went wrong:

  • Levels: I didn’t have enough time for levels. The three that are in the game now are very basic.
  • Sprites: They took a long time. The player and guard sprites took nearly an hour each to do. I don’t know how. Also, my tilemaps barely got used. I didn’t have time to flesh out the levels with decent scenery, which is a shame because Impact has a nice parallax background system for backgrounds.
  • Music: When I fired up FL Studio I found out that my chiptune VSTs weren’t there. They were on my old laptop (long gone) instead of my new PC, so I had to find and download them again. Also, I’m not good at making villainous chiptune music (unless it’s disco villainous chiptune music, but that didn’t fit).
  • Pointless features: There’s a ‘Gold’ entity that I coded that you can collect, and then when you die you drop it all. I don’t know why it’s there, and it isn’t even in any of the levels… It’s just dead code.
  • Testing: I didn’t do any testing on other computers. The game is HTML5/Javascript, so it’ll work on all decent browsers, but I don’t know how well it will run… Testing on a high end Macbook isn’t particularly informative.
  • Timing: I wasn’t able to get started until the mid afternoon I had to work right up til the deadline (which was 2AM for me).

I might work on it some more this week – make more levels, fix bugs, polish, etc. Then I’ll post it up for you all to have a look at (but not to rate, obviously!)

I also hope to rate and comment on as many games as possible! The last few times I’ve been slacking – but this time I really want to put in the effort.

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