Postmortem of “You Are The Goatman”

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December 16th, 2012 6:23 am
The Theme Goat Badge

The Theme Goat Badge

Hello all fellow ludum-darians, since I already finished my entry, it’s time to do a little recap of my achievements and difficulties during the making of this game.

The game is about a ancient monster that defends goats, however, to that he kills anyone that seems dangerous to his protected creatures. For that he is considered a villain between the human society. He spawns wherever goats are in danger, and right now is in a frozen tundra.

In the game you must run towards villagers to bump them to death, so they don’t do the same to your goats.

What went right:

  • I knew how to fix most bugs
  • I had the right tools
  • I chose an idea that was seemingly doable in the period of time I had
  • I slept well before beginning

What went wrong:

  • I had so many different ideas for the game, but all impossible in the timeline
  • I changed ideas about 4 times
  • I wasted time reading random texts on the web when my brain was “hot” brainstorm-wise

Things to improve:

  • Again, have a pre-made library for character movement, AI and graphic management.
  • Projecting instead of doing everything as ideas pop from brain

That’s much it, and again I wish you all good luck, and may your fingers be swift!


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