Oil Co Exploits – opinions sought: final screen conversation

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December 16th, 2012 11:55 am

Just adding the final screen.  Working on the messages.  What do you think about the following (*1)…

“The Arctic is gone. Still, the World’s thirst for our products is still growing! There are other places to exploit for profit!”

Two buttons: “Great!” and “But…”.  Hit “Great!” to see following text:

“Right!  Onwards to the next place we can exploit!  Sadly, the rubbish developer only did the Arctic during #LD48.  Why don’t you see whether you could have made more money if you could do over!  For profit!!!”
…and the game restarts.

If you hit “But…”, you see the following:

“But <player name>, you asked for cheap fuel, electricity, plastic, etc.  I was just trying to make you happy!  Aren’t… *YOU* the villain?”

Buttons for this point?

(*1): Do blog replies notify the poster?  If not, please tweet me @Arakade — thanks!

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One Response to “Oil Co Exploits – opinions sought: final screen conversation”

  1. Arakade says:

    Ok, answering my own post (a) to see whether I get notified and (b) to propose an answer for the ending buttons — +1 goat!
    Hit this to see goats, kittens, etc :-) …and the quote from War Games “The only winning move is not to play” …risky games with our planet’s future. To equilibrium!

    Could also include a “But…” button which opens your browser to some science-based articles, such as…
    http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21628854.800-industries-make-a-dash-for-the-arctic.html — this was the article that inspired this game but it requires New Scientist subscription. Alternatively,…

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