Main Villain enters the game!

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December 16th, 2012 8:34 am

Ok, 10 hours and 30 minutes left. That’s not much…it’s near the end! I have plenty of stuff to do to make game more fun and interesting but we’ll see how far can I get.

For now, some updates:

  • villainishFinal map where AI works more or less fine (still need one small fix on that)
  • Some balancing
  • You can see how damaged are your creatures in the dungeon (less HP –> more red color on the icon)
  • Villain’s (Player’s) dungeon Added! When Villain’s dungeon gets attacked, main health bar starts to lower. Once it reaches zero healthpoints you loose.
  • Started to work on tooltips
  • Villain’s avatar drawn -> It’s a goat in armor (or is that a goatman?)

preview8(click for full resolution)

What I have to do next:

  • Add another creature
  • Make heroes unique (mages less HP but more AP and vice versa for knights)
  • Some morale system(percentages!). When you defeat enemy you get higher morale for x% which means you’ll hit enemy more easily and the same works for enemy.
  • Maybe I’ll add some SFX this round

I’m still streaming on (chiptune music included)

(Goat villain) 

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