Hey you!!! Yeah you!! Click in me to vote and give a feedback about my game, and also win one billion dollars, and don’t need to use viagra in your life, and make love with Kim Kardashian, and learn how to dance Hammer Time as Neo learn photoshop.

Or click here to go to the game first. :)


Greetings, my friends. Wallace again to post my relatory about my LD game… but this time I don’t have f#ck|ng nothing to show. 😐

Not really NOTHING, but this sunday I was called to work, soo that’s explain the title. Usually sundays is very quiet in the work, but not this one, I’d leave my job at midnight. I almost don’t send the game and I’m very pissed off about it… but i make some graphics, sended the game, and I believe it’s ok for now.

The first think I have to show is about how shiny and happy people plays the game:

people2 people1

Whoo hoo! Ok, enought talk, let me show some…


As my first experience in pixel art, I used the Paint.NET app for drawing (very recomended for people who has great abilities to draw… but don’t). With this tool, i maded the first earth of my game – it’s a city scenario:


And I made this little guy here =>char1 to make the people walk “around” the earth. In that case, this strange island.

For now, I’ll rest a little and then work in this game a little more. The objective is make the game beautiful and running in mobile phones.

I’ll finish to compose the song as well, and made anothers. I have a story to put in the game too, and a very funny one (with the goat as a leeder).

You can play the game clicking here, or vote in my game here. Your vote is very important to me. Seriously.

Hope everybody have fun in this Ludum Dare as I have. See ya.

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