Last version HERE… just click it… yeah with the left mouse… yeaaaah good boy/girl/marcian, click the link, click it.. go. I’ll give one million dollars who’s clicking here…ok I’ll not.

Greetings, my friends. Wallace here again. Now i have a second version of my game to show.


Getting a lot of game design ideas to realize how the drill can be stopped by the planet guys, I search results, and with the help of my friend Sharbel i get a idea: You can play as Missile Command. (actually Diogo sayed that idea too, but he thinking about “save the world” theme).

So i started my game/level design/ballance, until I reach something good (not perfect.. yet). Now you can shoot bombs like Missile Command, but you can hit only the kamikases who’s attacking you, not the planet.As the drill will get closer, more and more kamikases will attack, and when they hit you, the drill returns a little and you lost life (the red bar at the top of the screen). So, you have to put the drill in the planet and hang on until all the civilians die to win.

So after do all this stuff I decide to pass to something that i never do before…




That’s something that I wanna learn before… how they made that chiptunes awesome songs… but i have only a comple of hours to learn and do all my sounds. So, I decided to use the tool to make the sound fx. Based on that 8Bit sound, I get the MilkyTracker app and spend all this night (in Brazil it’s 7:30 am and i don’t sleep nothing ) learning how to use the app and making the music. I like the results (for the first music ever).

After put it all my game, i receive a feedback from my girlfriend about a need to How to Play, and a bug. I fix the bug, and now i’m going to bed.

This sunday will be horrible because i have to go to work… AND work. Fucking shit. But at least just need graphics, a start screen and some better ballance.

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