Licence to play : Video games kill grannies

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December 16th, 2012 11:59 am

Gamers think video games are innocent and pure. BUT THEY AREN’T.

Really, and we made a video game about this : play these evil video games contaminating the tiny children out of the schools. But beware, the ESRB and PIG institutes are watching for you ! Try to spread the plague of violent video gaming before they get you. Get your video game on the hall of fame. Will you be the most evil plague ever created on earth ? Finally, a video game about being a video game. Aren’t they the best villain ever ?


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  1. Nyarly says:

    I read this :
    By now, you should not be touching your game code anymore (unless you’re making a post-compo version). That said, we do allow the following:

    Crashes – If your game dies at an important moment, you are allowed to fix this.
    Typo bugs – Little oops bugs, not features. Things you may have broke last minute.”

    So i decided to fix the graphical bug with the hearts. It was working but not showing the good number of hearts…

    NEW VERSION HERE : click “Raw”
    Here is the diff :

    As for the sound, it worked fine, but not on every player (chrome is fine, gomplayer is not).

    We had everything to make the game looking good but not enough time to add it in the code so I might continue the project a little bit on github but you’re only supposed to vote on this last version as it will be like adding features from now on.

    Have fun !

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