LD25 Progress Report #12

Posted by (twitter: @MikeRedhorse)
December 16th, 2012 7:34 am

The end is near. Possibly even already here. After a good ten-hour sleep, I wasn’t very coherent, so I haven’t actually posted incremental updates the way I did yesterday. Still, I was very productive. To start off, I implemented the bits behind the scenes for the menu system, an instructions screen, and designed two levels.

After that, I attempted to record the planned music with my acoustic guitar. No such luck. My dorm is noisy as all hell, and I could barely manage to get a clean enough recording for myself to listen to and recognise, definitely not clean enough for me to make anyone else endure. Thus, the music was scrapped. Moving on, I decided to retouch most of the graphics. First the terrain, since it was so plain. Followed closely by the HUD. Then, touched up the train a bit (it’s still a wonderful case of programmer art) and added a small ‘HELP’ sprite next to the damsel to make it clear what this is about.

Have a picture, and, soon, a release.


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