Super excited to have completed my first LD. A lot of things went right, and several went quite wrong but I managed to get a game out that I can be proud of.

In the interest of improving, I’ll do a quick self-review.


While the idea of a mad scientist who’s been overthrown by his robots initially seemed clever, I may have inadvertently come up with something that has a portal-like atmosphere. A little more originality next time is in order I think, but I do really like the atmosphere of this game.


This will probably stop a few people from being able to play my game. I forgot to include IN the game that the “Q” key closes menus. :\


I wish I had added more uses for the shrink-ray. The idea of having alternate cartridges for the raygun turned out to be pretty cool. If I could do it again with a bit better time management, I think adding other gadgets would have been fantastic.


This game is kind of dark. While intentional, I’m not sure whether it adds or detracts from the game.


I’m not a very good 3D artist, so the choice to go 3D for this one may have been a little ambitious. I scraped by with some square-paneled lab-like environment, but I’ll be going a different route in the (hopefully more practiced) future.


While I happen to think that your chipper, sarcastic AI tour guide is funny…The dialogue can be really hard to hear. That was a bad choice of filter.


It was a cool experience. Definitely worth the sleep deprivation! I’ll definitely be trying to participate in the next LD.



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