[KILL THE] HERO – Day 1 and 2

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December 16th, 2012 3:50 pm

We are participating in the Ludum Jam. We’ve started quite late because we’re all really busy this week. But yesterday I had that idea and we quickly got a prototype. In this project are working: Rodrigo (game design, art, direction), Trigueiro (animation), Cesar  (programming) and Ramon (sound).

Team: Rodrigo Motta, Trigueiro J, Cesar Augusto

In our game, we have a hero who tries to save his girlfriend. Our goal, as good villains, is to destroy him. But our hero has an artificial intelligence and he will try to solve some challenges alone … so the challenge for anyone who plays is to combine challenges to destroy the hero.

heroThe Hero: You need hate him. ;D

On the first day, in addition to designing the game and the basic challenges, we’ve developed a prototype overnight where almost everything has worked. But not everything is complete, there’s still a lot of things missing.

prototype_1The First Prototype.

In parallel to the development of the game, we’ve started the creation of all the art, basically a scenario, two characters and items that will be used in the game. We’ve decided to choose a more stylized art.

artwork_completeThe  artwork almost complete.

Now we are working on the animations and getting ready to put it all together. Ah, the soundtrack is also being made.


Animation frame.


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