December 16th, 2012 8:59 am


My avatar can’t fucking jump. So annoying.

Well he can jump but then he slowly falls like autumn leaves.

But it’s a girl and not a autumn thingy.

2 hours i try to make her fall like a person.

I’m about to rage-quitte my life jumping through the window and falling like an ACTUAL PEOPLE.



3 Responses to “Jumpin’”

  1. Paco says:

    ¿Did you tried taking off her parachute?

  2. AnnaGavaldaKedavra says:

    Of course, plus i made her eat burgers twice a day for last two days see :

    public class Eurydice extends FlxSprite
    protected var ImgEurydice:Class;
    private var parachute:Boolean;

    public function Eurydice (posX:int, posY:int)
    super(posX, posY);
    loadGraphic(ImgIseult, false, false, 60, 110);
    velocity.x = 3;
    parachute = false;



  3. Just a tip : I’ve never got “realistic” values to work for gravity, I always have to add a rather large and arbitrary factor to make things look ok…

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