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December 16th, 2012 7:55 pm

So, we all remember old shoot em up game (Space Invaders and many others) ?

And with the current LD theme, most of competitors reinvented old game by switching player to IA and that basically what we’ve done.

As a first time, we choose something simple to create and we’ve learn so much from this experience (good and bad).

First of all, we cannot be prepared to everything and create a library for the occasion reveal to be a good idea (helping for repetitive tasks & others things).

And hopefully, we got great result on the first day, most of the game engine was created : really unexpected.

And second day : debug and improvement most of the day, in fact a simple collision bug make us loose time (4h…).

We got some feedback too, becoming the villain can be so disturbing when we recognize a type of game well known, so we had to create a tutorial for newcomers and thank to everyone for that. (That made me think, I got the same problem trying to play on some people compo. Hope people will think of game explanation).

Now we can finally concentrate on the game and maybe if we have the time today to make the first level really cool to play.

Our concept is simple (widely used on this contest : click to win !! [Hell yeah.]), but we want to make it more harder and less dependent on spam your mouse button, more strategic with bonus and other things. But the time is running.


So here’s a presentation of the game (used as a tuto) :



And if you want to give it a try : http://ld25.roboot.fr/. Don’t expect something enjoyable right know, but you can have an idea on what we are planning, just let your imagination do the trick.

Give us some feedback, it’s always a pleasure.


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