Evil robots!

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December 16th, 2012 4:32 am


With hostages! That they choke to death while they carry them through the lab! Choking takes a lot of time, so it’s easier to force them underneath a door and then close the door. And that’s now possible!

So right now there are two ways for humans to die. The first is by being crushed by a door. The second is by being choked to death by a robot. However, while the robot is choking the poor human, the robot can still move around, taking the human with him. So that’s three ways to die! And a first-person camera view from the robot for extra fun in-your-face gory cube crushing.

Up next are alarm panels, other places where humans can die when they are dumped there, and other items for the robots to (ab)use. But so far it’s at least somewhat entertaining 😀

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