Day 2 Update!

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December 16th, 2012 6:35 am

So, part way through the second day and I’m feeling pretty solid. The gameplay works, I have three solid levels (I may add more if I can think of any good ideas for another level), and the sound doesn’t click annoyingly any more. Just a bit of polish and I think I’ll be ready to submit.

For those of you interested, I’m making a rhythm-stealth game about queue barging. Here’s a screenshot of the third level (yes, there are some v-sync issues):


Of all the parts of the game, I found the sound the hardest. The game relies on it (telling if the matrons at the front of the queue at looking at you is difficult to parse just through visuals), and in the end I use three piano notes (the first three from God Save the Queen, as it happens) to indicate where everyone is, recorded from an old keyboard by my phone. I also decided I wanted ambient rain on the main menu. The problem, of course, was that despite being in the middle of the English winter, it hadn’t rained all weekend. I had apparently given away my rain stick at some point, so I made an impromptu one out of Turtle Beans and an old poster tube



The effect is muffled and quite quiet in-game, so if you don’t know how it was made it’s actually pretty convincing. Jayne Cobb would be proud.

The only other sound in the game is the sound of the people behind you tutting when you cut into the queue, which was easily gained by simply recording my own highly refined tutting and looping it. It may not be the best sound design in the world, but at least the game’s going to sound different.


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