A disappointing game …

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December 16th, 2012 4:24 pm

I am absolutely not happy with what I have done so far. That’s why I have not polished it before submission … but for the event, I think it’s normal to show you what I have.

So, the theme was absolutely not my favorite, so I have searched for an idea for some times… and I finally came with a zombie game (how original !) but where you are the zombie and you have to contaminate (or kill) everyone else.

At the beginning I wanted to have a randomly generated map, but for some reason (all the maps are not playable), I have only used the generator to make some playable maps.

The goal of the game was to represent an atmosphere of fear, with a lot of dark and some lights where humans can head to. You (the zombie) are much more powerful in the darkness (and actually much faster), but are quite the opposite when you are in an floodlit zone. The game takes place before the end of the world (the meaning of the countdown), and you have to be quick…

What I wanted to have :

  • Humans can fight with weapons
  • More interesting AI

For the design, I’ve tried two sorts of design (zombie and humans), and since I’m not motivated with the game anymore, I have decided to keep it like that.

And to finish this post, I’m sorry I haven’t posted any update of my work … but I’m a little bit ashamed of it ^^

So here is the link to the prototype : http://revolugame.com/games/ludumdare25/.

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