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December 16th, 2012 5:39 pm

Cancel Christmas!

After a hard couple of days, I finally submitted my entry. In it you play an evil hacker intent on breaking into Santa’s Grotto and deleting the naughty list from his secure server (gasp!).

It’s a pure puzzle game, since I didn’t have time to add any enemies or dangers, but it’s a bit different to most puzzle games. I thought that since everybody rating my game would be a developer, I could tailor my game to my audience and make one that required a pretty good programming knowledge to pass various hacking challenges. There are challenges related to SQL injection, buffer overflows and integer overflows.
hardcore hacking

I’m extremely pleased with the result, but I’m slightly concerned that it might be a bit too hard, particularly if you’ve never looked at computer security before. Still, if even one person gets to the end, I’ll consider it a roaring success.

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  1. Slushy says:

    I hope by the next LD48 I will know enough to be able to beat this game :)

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