Thematic Woes

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December 15th, 2012 2:14 pm

Moving a little more slowly this time (I’m rapidly regretting my decision to go with LibGdx – it’s a good library, but not as intuitive to pick up quickly as FlashPunk was – despite being more comfortable with Java than ActionScript).

I’ve got most of the underlying game stuff working okay, but have been slowed somewhat by deciding I don’t like the idea I chose :)

Some ideas I didn’t pursue

(warning: this is a selection from my brainstorming session and as such contains many lame ideas :)

  • Crazed gunman – opted out of this one as it’s kind of tacky
    • Sniper-style
    • GTA2-style “kill frenzy”
  • God games – these seemed cool, but seemed hard to make fun in a short period
    • Old Testament heathen smiting
    • End-game: The Rapture
    • Disaster Master
    • Punish humanity for their (insert cardinal sin here)
    • Raptor
    • Due to a translation error, devout folk waiting around for The Rapture are instead faced with a gigantic raptor
  • Somalian Pirates – I don’t even know where I was going with this
  • SUV Driver
    • GTA2/Carmageddon like.
    • Bonus points for pollution, kills
  • Mother Nature – some of these are similar to Disaster Master
    • destroy humanity before they destroy you
    • and the reverse, attempt to populate every square mile of the planet and attain ultimate destruction
  • Tower Offense
  • Oil Baron
    • destabilize governments
    • slaughter natives
    • pollute land in order to purchase it more cheaply
    • sabotage competition
  • Colonisation (aka kill all the natives!)
    • spread disease
    • dilute blood lines
    • massacre
    • introduce religion and pop culture
  • You are the virus
    • Infect your host to as high a percentage as possible before killing them
  • You are a cuckoo – abandoned because.. well it sucks
    • Eat eggs
    • Swap out your own eggs
  • Cult Leader
    • recruit
    • siege (stand off against law enforcement and sane people)
    • mass suicide (bonus points for faking out and not killing yourself)
  • Pests
    • You are a rat
    • get food
    • poo on things
    • avoid traps and poison
  • Moriarty – miscellaneous entry, no idea how it would work
  • Serial Killer – discarded because, next to Bond Villains it was likely to be pretty overly common
  • Buffalo Bill style Kidnapper
    • Acquire hostages
    • Manage hostages in their cells/pits
    • prevent escape
    • feed/starve
    • punish
    • make skin suit
    • LOTION
    • Stockholm Bonus (converts hostage to minion)


What remains from that list is either astonishingly unmentionable or one of the two games I’m currently still trying to decide between.

How this goes remains to be seen.

Confidence: WANING

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  1. Mezzomatto says:

    Man, some of these ideas are awesome. Got a screen cap for us?

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