The world is taking shape

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December 15th, 2012 5:47 pm

1:30 AM for me, perhaps I should take a nap… but I’m scared of the dark…

The world is now generating fairly random, and I can easily expand it with more if I have time left. Patches of trees and areas of houses are randomly distributed over the screen within certain borders of my algorithm. I call create_areas(…), and give some information about how to distribute the areas over the screen, about how many, what spread, about how many objects per area, and which tile base to use (to show houses, or trees, or mountains, or tall grass…). It’s a nice function to work with.



Here’s a TODO list (with MoSCoW):

  1. Create roads between houses within their area [W]
  2. Draw the player [M] animate him [S] and make him able to move[M]
  3. Draw art for the innocent surface dwellers [M] with animation [S]
  4. Draw our evil minions [M] with animation [S]
  5. Player can infest a creature/human to create a minion [M]
  6. Battle system [M]
  7. Battle behaviour for Minions [S], Humans[M] and Creatures [W]
  8. Player can conquer an area (forest, village, …) to get bonus creatures [W]
  9. Particlezzz! [W]


Phew… I don’t know… 22 hours left…

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