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December 15th, 2012 10:03 pm

So the first day is over and I think I’ve made enough progress to be able to finish tomorrow.

This time I wanted to aim really low, because in the past I felt overwhelmed with the complexity of my game ideas and I wasn’t able to completely implement them in time. I’m also trying to improve my graphics skills, so it was better to have a game with the least amount of code possible.

I didn’t want to make a game with a stereotypical villain (aiming for world domination, commanding an army of minions, kidnapping people, etc.), instead I made the player have a villainous occupation – as a contract killer.

At the beginning of each level you get a picture of your target(s) – early in the game you only have one per stage, later you will have more. You have to memorize the targets’ appearance, find them in a crowd of people, then kill them with your rifle.

Once you fire your first shot the police will make their way to the scene as indicated by the progress bar at the top of the screen. You have to finish the job before they get there, otherwise it’s game over. The game is endless, each stage will have a bigger crowd, and you’ll have more targets to hunt down.


Here is the target.


And he’s down.


Murder in the park.

The code is almost complete, but I will still have to make sound effects, music, backgrounds, title and game over screens, etc.

Anyway, I wish you luck with your games, as I can’t wait to play them. There have already been some really cool looking games presented here.

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