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December 15th, 2012 1:15 am

As this is my first Ludum Dare (and a second compo/jam overall), I was a bit sceptical if I’ll be able to produce something. 48h is both very little and a load of time. But oh well, we signed up, so we gotta take part. The theme proved to be quite interesting. My mind was blank at first, but after sharing thoughts with a friend, we came up with a few ideas:

  • dungeon master – building dungeons, which AI heroes go through
  • destroy things – oh well, you are destroying things, so that makes you a villain, eh?
  • reverse shmup – a bit like an RTS, when you control a zerg rush and try to kill that one overpowered bad guy hero
  • no john, you are the daemons – only at the end of things, you realise you did wrong and that, in truth, you are the villain
  • tranquillity lane – borrowed from Fallout 3, simply a place where you are tasked to do nasty things to people

Giving it some thought, I decided to go with… Nah, I won’t spoil anyone the fun. Fortunately, an old idea I had some time ago proved to (after modifying the scenario a bit) fit quite well with the theme. So far I managed to write some basic map code, three dumb-dumb enemy classes, hero movement and drawing. As you can guess from the image, the game will be kept in a very simple graphics style. Since it’s 0914 local time, I’m getting a bit sleepy, but oh well… I’ll be able to sleep for an eternity in the coffin. Enough talk, the IDE awaits!

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