So, Saturday daytime…
Got 2D Toolkit, spent an hour investigating (running through all demo scenes) to get the basics. Decided to try building a playable prototype using their graphics (Stone Block, some bubbles and sheep) first.

<time passes>

Here’s how it looks so far (including confusing clouds — pretend they’re passing icebergs and that’s a reflection of the sun 😉 ):

Oil Co Exploits - Sat 8pm progress

Got a basic modular Arctic icemass (using stone block graphics supplied with tk2d demo). Got it responding to clicks/touch and incrementing a basic score which is displayed. Intro instructions begun. Started work on dropping chunks of ice and decided to do bobbing in the water using same mechanism – bit inefficient = later! Next finish dropping ice to create end case. Then we’ll need a closing screen / overlay.

Built and deployed to Web player — seems to work fine. Will consider this basic packaging and look to do an upload before I finish for the night.

Right now, am concerned about balancing the (unfinished) game since there might be an easy optimal strategy (if external tiles are removed first, just mine those first!). Thinking about how Real Life ™ mining works, people prospect before mining.
So will switch the initial click to being a prospect. From that you get an estimate on the richness of the seam. (which you have to remember?)
You then choose where to site a mine (which might take a while to build later).
Perhaps you then only score by clicking the mine (forcing you to choose between this and more prospecting). Not sure about this part since RL mines just get on with it — expect the miners need paying. hmm
Perhaps you sacrifice score to build a mine? and only a little to prospect? So the player should start with some initial capital. Let’s rename score to money!

Right, onwards to sleepiness!


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