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Hi party people, Wallace again. Everybody is enjoying this event? I simply love it!

I’m here you some news about my game. Look it how… i made something, hehehehe.
The concept idea you can check in my first post here:



Now, after a good lunch I finish a replayable game code.  I develop the drill control, the kamikases behavior, they attacks, and the damage that the planet takes when the drill enter in the world. Develop the HUDS for Game Over and For You Win screens, and the game reset. Also a also a link for boring people who don’t like it.

How to play this think?

You press the DOWN button to move down the drill. The drill have to destroy the world before the kamikases destroy you (you have a Lifebar in the top left of your screen).

You can check it in the link bellow – and please, if you see something wrong or want to tell some idea, just say it. 😀
(Please have a Flash 11 installed)

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  1. gameXcore says:

    I’m impressed at the comments and formatting, my code is horrific right now! 😉

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