I Have a Skeleton!

Posted by (twitter: @BakamoStudios)
December 15th, 2012 4:46 pm



My game for Ludum Dare 25 is a 2D platformer where the player and enemy tropes are switched around. You play as a basic skeleton that does nothing but move, jump, throw bones, and run into things. Your enemies are platform game hero archetypes like hunters, soldiers, and animal mascots. If you touch an enemy, the enemy takes the collision damage and gets knocked back. Since you’re a monster, you’re immune to spikes, and spikes only hurt enemies. Your bones don’t do much damage, but the most dangerous thing about you is your ability to knock back enemies into spikes or bottomless pits.

As you can tell, I’m not putting a whole lot of time into art right now, but the game is playable! Use Left and Right or A and D to move, L or button 1 or button 4 to jump, and K or button 2 or button 3 to throw bones. This is a Game Maker 7 game, so sadly, it’s for Windows only. Download the game here.

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