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December 15th, 2012 11:15 am

Completely forgot to write project updates! Currently about 6 hours of work into the game, and it’s going slowly, but steadily. The game is as follows:


You, the protagonist, play one the character, the Hero and the Villain combined, an individual with a split personality to the extreme. Whenever you move right across the platformer style maps, you play as the Hero, and your allies who are helping you to take down the evil castle/mansion will help you out. However, the second you start heading left you switch to the Villain, and suddenly your ‘allies’ aren’t so friendly, they will attack you.

You must use a combination of strategy, some combat, and puzzle solving to reach the end.


That’s the aim for the game, currently I’ve got my maps loading in using Tiled, some simple tiles made up in Photoshop, along with the Hero, Villain, and Hero and Villain allies artwork. User movement is implemented, but still a bit buggy, and the ‘allies’  will attack you when appropriate. Next steps is make the ‘allies’ help you out when appropriate, and generally add some more gameplay, because at the moment there isn’t really any of the strategy/problem solving elements I want out of the game. Some of that will come level design, but there really needs some kind of additional mechanic so it moves on from a really primitive platformer.

Hope you like the idea!


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