Dungeon defend-o-management game report!

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December 15th, 2012 8:47 pm

Here is the “end of the day”. I’m up for almost 23 hours now and in that time I only took pauses for coffee, cigarettes and food – yeah, I was very productive! That’s why I love Ludum Dare, it shows you what are you capable of. So let’s go to the report. First of all, I have this screenshot for you.


Let me explain a bit – items next to the dungeons are gold bags that are dropped by heroes when they die. Smoke comming out of the cave means that hero is fighting in there. Dungeon window tells you what creatures you have in there and how much HP dungeon have. Red dots are for AI (waypoints which will be hidden laters). That’s about it.

And finally, INFO CARD – it quickly explains about the game.


I’ll continue with my work after few hours of sleep. This will be my last push, I hope the game will be finished, playable and fun.



3 Responses to “Dungeon defend-o-management game report!”

  1. Spacehunter says:

    Those Heroes are awesome!!

  2. Keevor says:

    Stop distracting me with your art!

  3. Blodyavenger says:

    @Spacehunter: Hey, thanks a lot! 😀
    @Keevor: I think I’ll fail you at that point, sorry…

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