Don’t submit an unfinished game!

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December 15th, 2012 8:31 pm



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  1. laaph says:

    I have submitted unfinished games in the past. I got low ratings. I regret nothing.

    Even if I don’t finish it, it is nice to admire the progress that I did achieve, and share with others the idea the game could have been.

    This might be the first Ludum Dare I finish a game though! I have to stop commenting here and keep working on it!

  2. Maple says:

    I want to humbly disagree with this post… I think if people ONLY submitted finished games, then we wouldn’t have half of the games each LD, and the community wouldn’t have grown to what it is. If people were encouraged to not submit unfinished games, LD would be seen by many as “that event that all the talented people participate in” and discourage many people from trying. A lot of people already see it as this. I think LD definitely shouldn’t be that kind of place. I think LD should be how it is — A welcoming community of people of all sorts of programming backgrounds, who encourage people to make games and continue getting better, regardless of skill level. Many people come to LD hoping that it will help them be able to finish games. If people were only encouraged to submit finished games, many people wouldn’t be able to (/want to) participate TO get the boost they might feel they need to have in helping them be able to finish games in the first place.
    (Alongside other reasons.)

    • mohammad says:

      So? Then do you want all the ld games to be a bunch of un-executable files that have nothing but strings as gameplay and squares for graphics? Who’d play that? All I said is that a prototype will be lowly rated, and it always will.

  3. Milo says:

    I love prototypes though. I mean, basically any game here is one. I don’t like prototypes of things that already exist, but a prototype of a game concept I’ve never seen is golden and probably garners the best ratings from me.

  4. Gungnir says:

    Milo – that’s fine; but “things you’ve never seen” and things that don’t exist aren’t the same. Just because you’ve never seen it before, doesn’t mean it’s original. That’s the danger of basing judgment or esteem around that criteria.

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