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December 15th, 2012 12:29 pm

Now the time has passed quite gracefully, more than a half day now.


Current progress is pretty much learning, and testing functionalities in chipmunk that will be used as a core in the game.

Before that, I spent first portion of the time in recalling about Box2d, and trying to make it works. I ever used Box2d once back in my experiment iOS game project quite more than a half year ago, back then it’s native and works great. But unfortunately as this time I develop on web platform using HTML5 or cocos2d-html5 framework, it doesn’t work out. Several hours were lost into the realm of physics.

Anton (@garfeild) sent me this during a jam. I should listen to him :)

I found a problem about debug information that rendered on screen incorrectly. For instance, the testcase of cocos2d-html5 itself also has a problem regarding to this issue although its functionality in forefront works properly. I asked the community about this but can’t wait as I need to step further. I can’t live in the world of physics without debug information.

A problem still occurs in cocos2d-html5 v.2.1 testcase, but its forefront functionality works properly.

So I switched to chipmunk wholeheartedly for this project. I have to admit that less code is done with chipmunk comparing to Box2d. It’s quite simple to grasp the concept of code structure than Box2d. But anyway, if I go back to iOS natively I prefer to use Box2d as it’s originally developed in C++ and well optimized for mobile usage according to my believe + with the fact that I’m a little bit shock to see chipmunk is available on premium as it means the free and open source version is kind da rip-off in sense.

Nonetheless, the community there at github of chipmunk is rather big with hundred-ish star and fork and it’s quite active. If nothing is super duper complex and doesn’t need 100% optimization, it’s one of your candidate option.

That’s being said. I quickly ramped up chipmunk with this link-of-the-day.

Here is what I got to move on.

Cat, cat, and cat with non-perfect shape for physics simuation.

Yeah, that’s better.

Back to code now …

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