Unnamed reverse tower defense update.

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December 14th, 2012 9:52 pm

I am building in a game Jam architecture with a local friend @DevChagrins. Together, we have decided to build a canvas game with the use of Crafty JS. It will be a reverse tower defense game with a twist. In fact an awesome fun little twist, details later.


We’re currently moving past the loading screen and into the start menu. Once that is finally finished we’ll begin with the different types of characters and towers. As the villian you are using persuasion to turn friends and family against each other as the masses wade in against a fortified fortress. It will be your job as the overlord villian to pick and manage the types of individuals you send in against the towers and which order they must go in.

Once we get some sort of progress with a static level we will try to add sound and then, if we are satisfied with sound and functionality, build a random level generator. If we finish all of that we’ll try to polish the sprites and look of the game itself.


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