Thinking on theme, indecisiveness, dear diary..

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December 14th, 2012 9:53 pm

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Hoo Wow, This One’s Tricky!

I’m still brainstorming 2.5hrs after the theme announcement. This is a tough one!

I have a nine page bullet list of ideas, but choosing is a little harder than it was last time because:

  • My favourite ideas are likely the favourites of many other people
  • My least favourite ideas mostly fall under the following categories:
    • nice concept, but where’s the game?
    • how does that differ from the hero version?
    • nice game, but where’s the concept

Normally at this point I’d start work on coding up the basic framework and getting the generic skeleton going, but since I’m not sure which game I’m going with I still don’t know whether AS3/FlashPunk or Java/LibGDX are going to be more appropriate.

I’m leaning toward FlashPunk again simply because more is covered by the library, but that would instantly limit my chances of doing anything simulation-based as the VM (as far as I know) is not as well suited. Distribution is significantly easier though.

Another caveat if I choose Java/LibGDX is that less people will play the game unless it’s embeddable in the browser – outside of Processing I’ve never attempted this, which could either be deceptively simple or a waste of a few good hours.

More coffee, and standing in the sun before I choose.

I give myself one hour to choose, and a further hour to get whichever dev environment I go for setup and ready to go. If the setup is not yet done by that point I shall switch to a simpler environment.



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2 Responses to “Thinking on theme, indecisiveness, dear diary..”

  1. Zdolshin says:

    Good Luck man. Im hoping you can go with the FLash/AS3 since that’s where I got my start, but ultimately it’s whatever game will make you WANT to finish. Sometimes planning is such a pain.

  2. Mezzomatto says:

    Go man go.

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