One hour to go :-)

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December 14th, 2012 6:33 pm
  • Environment: Lots and lots of blankets, all sorts of hot tea and coffee — Check!
  • Programming Environment: Eclipse, Java, Slick2D, template classes — Check!
  • Tools: Script for timelapsing, Gimp and Inkscape, Autotuner, bfxr, and a bunch of online music generators — Check!

Everything is mostly checked out. It is a cold morning in Ibaraki, Japan, and I’m ready and pumped to go. Doing laundry and other home chores while waiting. I can’t get the QiX idea out of my head – I really loved that game. It feels a bit like cheating for me, but I can’t prevent myself thinking about how to implement all the necessary geometry and mathematics for that kind of game (mostly, how to generate a group of rectangles from an arbitrary number of points, and how to merge and split line segments).

I guess I will go with the QiX idea anyway, and twist it accordingly depending on the theme.

My plan, if everything goes all right:

  • Saturday: Get the basic game running (making rectangles, detecting end of stage, enemies, twist).
  • Sunday: Polish, polish, polish (sounds, animations, transitions, etc)
  • Monday Morning (LD ends at 11:00 my time): Public testing from friends, bug hunting, packaging and go!

Or so I hope. All plans melt in the face of the enemy :-)

To end the post, here is a picture of my support team:

My helpers this time out.

My helpers this time out.

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