My plan is to not do any coding until tomorrow.

Right now, I’m developing my idea with a paper and pen. And I’ve already decided to include a kitten mode (because, although I’m a capricorn, kittens should have at least tied with goats… just sayin).

Made a general list of what classes I would need and what they should do. I also have a general idea of how things should play.

Then, I’m gonna go to bed (it’s 11 o’clock pm here right now).¬†Tomorrow is dedicated to coding, and the day after is dedicated to getting the code and content to beta.

Then, when I wake up, I’ll be going to a matinee of The Hobbit, which means I’ll be in the theater for however long the movie is (5 hours, probably).

Then I’m going to go home, have a beer (no more than one) and then BOOM

I’ll take a power nap

And then ULTRABOOM, I start coding.

I *really* hate how LD falls on Hobbit weekend, but whatever. I’ll live, lol.

Good luck everyone. And may the odds be ever in your favor.


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