I’m IN … somewhat … or am I?

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December 14th, 2012 5:59 pm

Well I actually don’t have much time this weekend and I didn’t plan at all in participating. Needless to say, it’s my first LD, but maybe I can still put something together, who knows? ūüėÄ


On top of this all I’m not in my comfy¬†apartment¬†with my nice setup, but instead I’m just here with my notebook and waaaay too slow mouse, but I bet it’s still a somewhat better setup than many others have.


I’ll be mainly using C++ and SFML, additionally I’ll get back to Box2D if my simple physics stuff is starting to eat away too much time and for the base code I might partially use some of my SmallGameEngine.
I actually more or less left Visual Studio due to their bad support of C++11, although they’ve now already released an update with some more features and simply put it has still one of the best and most powerful debuggers, which could get very, very handy and the code parsing is often also quite nice. So yes I’ll be using Visual Studio 2012 (although the new “design” really sucks).
For graphics I’ll probably play around with all sorts of stuff, mostly because I’m really bad at it and like some features of editor X better than how it’s done in editor Y.
I’m not even sure if there will be time for audio stuff, but if so, I’ll most¬†certain¬†use sfxr, since it gives you nice sound effects very quickly!

Let’s see how this ride will end! :)

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