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December 14th, 2012 3:15 pm

As the time draws near, I’d like to share some of my code. The blit repo is Java2D framework code from my failed LD21 entry. I won’t be reusing the game portions of the code, but I included it so people can pull it apart and see how it’s intended to be used. Starlight is some random non-game-specific OpenGL code. I’ll most likely be leaning on the starlight code for my game this time around.



Other places I may be pulling from: JOgg/JOrbis at http://www.jcraft.com/jorbis/ and I have a hacky proprietary way of hooking Vorbis SPI by javazoom – http://www.javazoom.net/vorbisspi/vorbisspi.html

Music’s coming from Renoise. I just want to give a shout-out to some of my favorite VST devs:



and of course the irreplaceable (and rather expensive) Miroslav Philharmonik


My dev environment is chilling on a couch with a MacBook Pro, coffee, headphones, and a Wacom tablet (using Photoshop and Seabreeze for graphics software). I’ll be taking breaks and otherwise staying healthy throughout the compo; you just make better decisions and produce better work when well-rested. I may do the music on my desktop, since I have Philharmonik installed over there and not here.

Good luck everyone, can’t wait to play all the games!

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