You can read the Joystiq article here: Rubberkid on Joystiq [opens in new window]

I realize that this comes just barely over 24 hours from Ludum Dare 25, but finding out about this when I woke up this morning totally made my day!

I’d started a Kickstarter campaign to promote The Adventures of Rubberkid, a game that was begun back in Ludum Dare 18 (Enemies as Weapons) that teaches kids the evils of bullying, on November 30th, and just this week had started pushing to news sites and such. The campaign crossed 20% yesterday, and then this morning I found a message from a friend on Facebook that said:

“Saw you on Joystiq. Good stuff!”

All I could think was… “WHAT?!” So I Googled “Joystiq Rubberkid” and found it!

My point with all of this is… Don’t ever give up! Ludum Dare is a magical contest that can have absolutely fantastic results! Even if your game isn’t finished in time, or you end up #1406/1406, Ludum Dare can really inspire some great ideas! Don’t feel awful if the concept doesn’t come to fruition in the weekend. Enjoy the time and follow your calling in game development!

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