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December 13th, 2012 12:38 am

I’ve always wanted to make games but never got anything done since I was 11 when I made a bitching text adventure (including some graphical stuff, in QBasic!)

This is me trying to jump start what has always been my dream but took me another 19 years to figure it out. I plan to make something simple and fun, and if I can manage those two I’ll be happy =D

1.Python, Pygame, I’ll try my┬ábest to not make python a required install :S
2. GIMP, Audacity
3.Aptana and Bitbucket

No photos of my desk as it’s covered in a bunch of trash…

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  1. schnerble says:

    Hi there, fellow Python/Pygame user (: If you’re looking for a way to package Python, try this one, which I used in LD23:

    It’s nice and easy!

  2. Suese says:

    To make a profile picture go to

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