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December 13th, 2012 11:45 pm

Let’s see here…

Desktop cleaned.
Machine rebooted.
Code declared and repository created (https://bitbucket.org/kaylasara/ld25)
Desk… sorta cleaned.
Yeah I’m in. I haven’t done an LD in 16 months and I’m quite excited. I’ll be using some of the classes I’ve been developing on-top of Starling and Nape. Development tools will be: Flash Builder 4.7, Photoshop, Flash Professional, Gitbox, ChatMapper (maybe), Audacity, probably a bunch more. I’ll be building with a mobile target in mind but with keyboard controls for easy reviewing post-compo.

I won’t decide on if I’m in the compo or jam until later in the weekend. I’m not in this to win. I’m here for the fun and the learning that Ludum Dare provides for me again and again.

Good luck everyone.

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  1. Hapistorique says:

    Nice desk, what brand is it ? Is it good ? I’d like to buy a black desk :p

    Good luck

  2. hdon says:

    Wait, does Gitbox do Mercurial or does Bitbucket do git?

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