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December 13th, 2012 8:28 am

This weekend is pretty manic for me. I’m going to be spending most of Friday/Saturday in Durham with my old uni mates, or on a train there and back, which is going to drastically cut down my time for gamejamming.

But having said that, of *course* I’m going to be making a game for Ludum Dare 25. What do you think I am, sane or something?

So yeah, this time I’ll be trying to pull a half-ludum (or double-ludum?) and make a game in twenty four hours. Wish me luck.

So far, I’ve got a pretty good idea for the End Of The World theme, a turn-based numerical strategy globe-view-camera disaster game in a similar vein to Pandemic or Fate Of The World. Whether you’ll be playing as the oncoming Mayan Hordes seeking to destroy the world, or the forces of humanity trying to save it, I’ve not decided yet.

And the other good news is, I reckon if I try hard enough I can elbow this idea into any of the Construction (constructing defences), You Are The Villain (Mayans), Fortress (constructing defences) or Colonise (Mayans with a different agenda) themes. Night And Day might be a bit trickier, though…

Oh, and I’ll probably be using Unity3D. If I feel particularly Linux-centred, I might use C++/Irrlicht. Or if my Apocalypse Of The Mayans idea doesn’t come to fruition, I may well be working in 2D with Lua/LOVE2D.

Good luck everyone!

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