Ludum Dare XXV Theme Voting in Visual Form

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December 12th, 2012 8:09 pm

I took the results of the four preliminary rounds of voting and graphed them to see how popular certain themes are compared to the others. I ranked them by the sum of the pluses and minuses. The top twelve are in the Final Round.
Theme Voting LD XXV

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Looks like there are three themes that are obvious favorites over the others–End of the World, Construction and You are The Villain–with between 800 and 1000 plus votes (green) and around 500 minus votes (red). For the most part, pluses and minuses for themes stay between 500 and 800 of either kind of vote. The neutral votes (yellow) stay fairly flat, but you can see what appears to be climb on the left side of the neutral votes before it starts it’s up-and-down.  I believe what sets those three highest themes apart from the others is that they managed to get more people than average to select plus instead of neutral, as well as have less people vote negative. In other words, they’re more polarizing. P.S. I don’t know what I’m talking about, look at the pretty colors.

My official prediction is that the top vote getter End of the World is going to be the final round winner. The timeliness is perfect and probably what drove it’s numbers in the first round. We won’t get this chance again, whether the Mayans were right or not.

UPDATE: I added another pretty graph. Since each round had a different open/close time there is obviously a flux in the number of votes cast in each one. Also, some people actually refrained from selecting an option, even neutral, for some themes. This graph shows the percentages of total votes plus or minus based on the number of votes cast for that theme.


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7 Responses to “Ludum Dare XXV Theme Voting in Visual Form”

  1. spooks says:

    my bet will be… you are the villian. I like your graph tho!

  2. Bactopiad says:

    Thanks for the graph, really is cool to see how everything came out.

  3. johnfn says:

    It’s tempting to think that the highest vote count is going to be the overall winner, but that’s not always the case. In fact, Evolution in LD24 didn’t even win the first round it was in! In LD23, “Tiny World” was actually beaten by a few other themes in the preliminary rounds.

    It’s a hard thing to predict! :)

  4. mutuware says:

    Agreed, End of the World is a certainty!

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