I’m in

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December 12th, 2012 4:43 pm

We’ll see if I regret this later. :)

Language: Javascript
Libraries: My own framework.
IDE: Zeus editor + Chrome.
Music/Sound: Goldwave + Milkytracker.
Art: Manga Studio / PS Elements.

I’m a first-timer, and I’m using this to force myself to learn Javascript.

I’ll post up the framework I’m working on on Friday, but as it’s the result of precisely five lunchtimes worth of Javascript experience, I wouldn’t advise anyone else using it. Plus, I’m a real OOP whore, and Javascript’s take on inheritance makes me cranky, you’ll hate it.

Being in the UK, I get to know the theme at 2AM on Saturday from my perspective, so my design technique is going to be to find out the theme then go to bed. Hopefully I will then dream the perfect design, preferably for a shmup of some kind. :)

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  1. Truck says:

    Ping (:

    Oh good, it starts at Midnight. Good.

    I have to decide framework and shit later, right now, “Python” is the primary glue.

    Also I signed up for #onegameamonth.

    Um, where’s the rest of us? (:

    • Subi says:

      Hey Truck. :)

      Not sure if anyone else is doing it this time. I know a few other guys around here, but none of them are demosceners. I’m still working on Delta tho. :)

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