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December 11th, 2012 4:02 am

Still using C# but this time I’m trying out MonoGame! Had a little play with it and the only problem I’ve really found is that semi-transparencies in pngs didn’t work. Turns out I needed premultiplied alphas. This is where my next tool change comes in! Using PixelFormer (http://www.qualibyte.com/pixelformer/) instead of GIMP (for the most part) will allow me to straight away export with premultiplied alphas and so far the editor seems perfect for my pixel art needs. Haven’t decided on music yet but I’ll probably do some magic combination of TS404, SFXR, and Musagi as per my usual. Visual Studio is my development environment and after game has been complete in Windows I shall be compiling for Linux.

In terms of libraries, I’ve already stated the use of MonoGame. I’ll probably end up using a modified version of my A* and maze generation stuff at https://github.com/xSmallDeadGuyx/C-AStar if required (e.g. RTS, top-down shooters etc). Probably gonna try for something less gutsy like a platformer, since my RTS at LD23 turned out absolutely HORRIBLY. The worst part is, that RTS was also part of a school project and I may have failed it 😛

Good Luck everyone, feel free to nick stuff from my github, and have fun!

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