The IndieSpeedRun

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December 10th, 2012 8:49 am

As you may or may not know, the IndieSpeedRun-jam/competition is currently running, and will overlap with Ludum Dare.

The rules are somewhat similar, and after some inquiry the IndieSpeedRun-organizers have confirmed that games created in the 48hours of LD can be submitted. The vital part of the FAQ is

Q: Can I submit games created for other game jams?

A: Yes, with some major caveats. Firstly, your game will still need to meet our guidlines, meaning date of creation, adhering to our assigned theme and element, and including the Indie Speed Run creation slide. If you just so happen to time that with another game jam simultaneously, it would be an interesting feat, and techincally compliant with our rules except for one: not allowing your game to be published prior to our Free Play window. That being said, “dual game jamming” (which we define as creating one Indie Speed Run game that’s used for Indie Speed Run AND another game jam) is the single exception. If another game jam would require your game to be published ahead of our window, then as long as it meets all other ISR requirements, we will allow it. We cannot, however, speak for any other game jam and their thoughts on the matter, so please check with them before trying to create a game jamception.

Which means that once you are done with LD, you can also submit it to the IndieSpeedRun, If You Follow Their Rules Too.

If this is your thing, make sure to study the IndieSpeedRun-rules to get ready.





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