LD48 Here I come!

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December 10th, 2012 12:17 pm

This will be my first LD48 and my second game!

Language: As3

IDE: FlashDevelop

Framework:  Starling

Graphics: I’m terrible at drawing! Where should I get some nicely done spritesheets?

Audio: Sfxr /freesound.org



Finishing a game! I’ll be proud of myself whether or not I finish something good, the simple fact of finishing will be a great morale boost!

Fun and Experience

Use what I accomplish this weekend as the base for a bigger and amazing game

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  1. Folis says:

    Hey! Welcome to LD!

    It’s great to see another first-timer join!

    I’m sure that you’ll reach your goal of finishing a game if you want to! It’s not as hard as it seems. As you already made a game by yourself, you know what’s included in making a game from scratch, that definitely helps! If you want, you can check out the ‘Tips’ section (You can find it in the sidebar on the right). You may find some time management tips and other nifty tricks there!

    I wish you good luck in your first compo!

  2. pythong says:

    >> Where should I get some nicely done spritesheets?

    You draw them yourself, of course :). LD is about making EVERYTHING yourself, except you go for the jam. And even then, the point is to make everything from scratch 😉

    Btw, it doesn’t matter if you’re terrible at drawing – LD is also about the experience you gain. So if you just keep on making graphics for yourself, naturally you will get better at some point. Just give it a try!

  3. dj_pale says:

    As for gfx, I would recommend checking out some Inkscape tutorials. I suck at “pixel” art, but with vectors, things work amazingly well. Check out http://2dgameartforprogrammers.blogspot.no/ for some great tips!

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